Monday, 23 May 2016

Game of Thrones season 6, episode 5: 5 winners and 7 losers behind "The Door"

The first rule of time-travel stories is almost always that when you try to meddle in the past, you inevitably wind up creating the present you were hoping to avoid. This is at once ironically satisfying and allows for time travel to logically exist. (Everything else creates so many paradoxes that your brain will start to hurt.)

So it is on Game of Thrones, where Bran makes his first major alteration to the past, almost accidentally, by leaping into the brain of child Hodor and apparently warping it so much that all the kid can say is "Hold the door!" which, with time, becomes "Hodor." It's an attempted instruction — the grown Hodor is holding a door against a surge of wights and White Walkers — but instead, it destroys a man's mind.

And so it goes in "The Door," which continues the previous episode's trend of offering up some major, important answers regarding Game of Thrones' mythos. And many of those revelations impact some of the show's most major characters (even more major than Hodor — sorry, Hodor). Here are five winners and seven losers from "The Door."

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